Mikey Levitt


The Heartbreak Chronicles

LOGLINE: When Tyler accidentally records himself being broken up with, he decides to post the video online but when it goes viral he must now deal with his private life becoming public.



Down The Hall

LOGLINE: Steve has never been good at meeting new people but now that he's living in the Big Apple for college, he's about to have a crash course in friendship with his roommates and new friends from down the hall going through it all with him.




LOGLINE: Earhart-Linden Entertainment (ELE) is one of the biggest talent management companies in the world and Beau Oliver is one of their interns but now he needs to prove his worth and adapt to the crazy, fast-paced life of the entertainment industry if he wants to stay.



Follow Me

When Payton Harris and Victoria Hernandez meet over Twitter, the two must overcome an overbearing sister, financial difficulties and a language barrier in order to meet, in person, for the first time.

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Dance Videos

Well if you made it this far then you might as well watch me dance!